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Sabba (Space Association of Banking and Bureaucracy Advancement) is a digital board game where you need to negotiate with your other players on where to go next with imperfect information based on the role of the player.

Everyone has their own agenda of things they need to get done, ranging from, Picking up your Space Kids, to, Accepting a Nobel Peace Price.

The player who has completed the most amount of personal goals when the fuel runs out is the winner.

The game is meant to be played in Multiplayer where a server is running on a shared display as a TV and everyone has their client running on a phone or other device.

(However it is possible to play the game alone for demo purposes)

The game starts by the shared ship going to a planet, when it lands, an event occurs.

All players get to anonymously vote for what the crew should do and an outcome is determined, often some sort of punishment or reward (or a combination of both)

Some events have effects later in the game so choose wisely.

Roles in the game:

  • Engineer: Knows information about the ship. Most importantly, how much fuel there is left.
  • Merchant: Knows all the prices of all planets at any time in the galaxy.
  • Navigator: Knows the different risk levels of the planets (not implemented :( )
  • Civilian: Doesn't know anything but has energon-cubes to spend and the same right to vote as everyone else (Hooray for Space Democracy!)

By: Felix Hellman, Jerker Röjder, Hannes Häggander 

Install instructions

To run the game in server mode, apply commandline arguments --client=server


game --client=server


sabba-linux.zip 15 MB
Version 430205942a78b5e9aed8b477260105f76cbe70e9 39 days ago
sabba-windows.zip 14 MB
Version 430205942a78b5e9aed8b477260105f76cbe70e9 39 days ago
sabba-android.zip 22 MB
Version 430205942a78b5e9aed8b477260105f76cbe70e9 39 days ago

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